Scholarships Part 1: Pay for College With Free Money

By: Bryan Lee, UHEAA

Scholarships I- Pay for College with Free Money


Paying for college can be a bumpy road for some people.

If you’re lucky and paying for college is not a big deal, you still like free money (scholarships), right?



Scholarships are gifts you receive to pay for college for who you are, what you do, what you think, and how you do things. Not only that, you may also receive scholarships for who your parents are, what your parents/guardians do, etc.

This means there are scholarships for almost anything. Are you into polka dot dresses? There is probably one for that too.

Scholarship 1 part 2


How can scholarships help me pay for college?

Scholarships can help in various ways, such as:

  1. Paying tuition
  2. Buying text books
  3. Paying for room and board
  4. Limiting your student debt.

Scholarships not only have financial benefits, they can also add a gold star to your career résumé.


How do I find scholarships?

There are plenty of places you can find scholarships—online resources, library resources, financial aid counselors, and scholarship boot-camps.

These are many reliable sources you can find information about scholarships, including:


Smart Tip: Be vigilant when looking for scholarships, don’t let scammers trick you. Remember, you don’t need to pay anything to find/receive scholarships from legitimate sources.


How do I apply for scholarships?

It depends.

Most scholarship applications are submitted online or by mail. But a word to the wise: pay attention to deadlines.

To qualify for some scholarships you may have to write a personal statement or submit a portfolio. You may also have to attach a scholarship résumé and recommendation letters. Just be sure you understand the different criteria to qualify for each scholarship.