What is CentsibleStudent?

CentsibleStudent™ is a financial literacy service created and provided by the Utah Higher Education Assistance Authority (UHEAA). UHEAA is governed by the Utah State Board of Regents that strives to help students and their families navigate the complicated subjects of personal finance and the financing of higher education.

CentsibleStudent™ helps its users to form wise financial habits, save for education and life goals, pursue scholarships and grants, and borrow student loans “centsibly” through its interactive resources, customized personal finance and college financing courses created by UHEAA experts, helpful infographics, and more. CentsibleStudent™’s mission is to effectively guide its users through the financing and completion of their education while simultaneously helping them develop financial habits to achieve and sustain financial and life goals. CentsibleStudent™ takes the guess work out of paying for college and personal finance while giving people the expert info they need to be confident and successful in their decisions.


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