Ways to Save on Transportation

For most people, transportation is a daily necessity. Regardless of your method or distance of travel, there are multiple ways to save on your transportation costs. You can find more details in our “7 Ways to Reduce Transportation Costs” blog.

If a vehicle must be a factor in your transportation… If a vehicle is an optional part of your transportation…
Consider sharing options

Start a carpool at work or school

Explore car-sharing options (in which you pay to ‘rent’ a vehicle for a short period of time)

Calculate the cost of ride-sharing services such as Lyft or Uber

Take public transportation

Bus or train fares are usually cheaper than the cost of owning a car

Ask your school or employer about discounted passes or monthly stipends for using public transportation

Save on gas

Consider fuel-efficient electric and hybrid cars

Research gas prices around town

Use less gas by accelerating slowly, avoiding excess cargo weight, changing your oil regularly, and maintaining proper tire pressure

Get your exercise

Walk or bike to your destination if distance and safety allow

Trim parking costs

Find free street parking instead of automatically choosing a paid lot

Pay close attention to parking restrictions to avoid tickets

Do your own maintenance and repairs

Avoid expensive labor fees and just pay for parts and supplies

Only perform work that fits within your knowledge, comfort, and skill level

Drive safely

Keep insurance premiums and deductibles low by maintaining a good driving record

Avoid traffic tickets and fines by obeying all traffic laws