As a borrower, you have access to a neutral Ombudsman dedicated to helping you resolve student loan issues. If a resolution cannot be reached directly through the loan servicer, the Federal Student Aid Ombudsman’s office can also be contacted for assistance with getting a loan dispute resolved. Some common situations in which you might need to contact the Ombudsman Group include:



  • resolve discrepancies with loan balances and payments;
  • resolve issues with Federal Pell Grant disbursements or overpayments of loans;
  • review TEACH Grant conversions to loans;
  • explain loan interest and collection charges;
  • identify options for resolving your issues related to consolidation, service quality, default status, bankruptcy, income tax refund offsets, and other concerns; 
  • clarify requirements for loan deferment or forbearance and loan cancellation or discharge; and
  • identify loan repayment options.