Scholarship Frequently Asked Questions

How do I search for a scholarship?

Check with your college financial aid office.

Check with your major department.

Visit the local library.

Ask local businesses and organizations.

Talk to your employer or even parents’ employers.

Search online.

Ask friends and family if they have ever received scholarships.


2. What do I do once I find a scholarship I’m interested in?

When you find a scholarship that you are really interested in, keep track of it somehow. You might have a spreadsheet with all the information, or maybe a file on your computer, or maybe a notebook with all the important details written down. No matter how you do it, staying organized is key to being successful.


4. How are scholarships awarded?

Scholarships are often awarded based on:




A particular field of study

Ethnic background

Religious affiliation

Special interest


Financial Need


What are scholarship requirements?

The requirements for scholarships vary. Each scholarship will provide details on what their requirements are. Make sure you read the scholarship eligibility requirements carefully and thoroughly.

5. Is there a limit on how many scholarships I can apply for?

There is no limit on how many scholarships you can apply for. In fact, you should apply for every scholarship you are eligible for.


6. Is there a limit on how many scholarships I can be awarded?

The limits on the amount of scholarship money a student can receive vary by school. Check with the financial aid office of the school you plan to attend.


7. Is there a fee to apply for scholarships?

Be aware! There are many scholarship scams out there. Never pay for assistance with searching and applying for scholarships or any other types of financial aid!